Petros Polychronis

M.D. Child-Psychiatrist, Director, Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.K.M.A.)

Petros Polychronis

M.D. Child-Psychiatrist, Director, Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.K.M.A.)


Petros Polychronis M.D., E.C.P., is a Child-Psychiatrist, Systemic Group and Family Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor. Dr. Polychronis is the Director of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.I.A.) in Greece, – a center founded by George and Vasso Vassiliou (FAGPA) in 1963 – the first to practice systemic group and family therapy in Europe.

He is involved as a Consultant to the development of support programs for multi-problem families in a variety of contexts dealing with Child and Family welfare and in community group interventions.

He is also a Founding Member of the European Family Therapy Association (E.F.T.A.), of the Hellenic Association for Systems Thinking and Family Psychotherapy, and of the Greek Society for De-Institutionalization and Mental Health. He has served on the Executive Council of the World Association for Social Psychiatry and of the Hellenic Child-Psychiatric Association and is an Honorary Member of the Executive Council of the Therapeutic Center for Addicted Individuals and their Families (KE.TH.E.A.).

Dr. Polychronis is a Visiting Professor at Postgraduate programs at the Universities of Athens, Crete and Ioannina.

The main areas of interest/publication (Greek Journals) are: Training in Systems Thinking, Groups and Family Therapy, Family as a Group for Developing Skills/Metaskills in a Digital World, The Child as Co-Therapist in Family Therapy, Systems Consultation to Organizations.



31 Oct 2020
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